Copy Writing

Graphix Unlimited has a writer on staff to assist our customers with articles, blogs, web page content and any other copy writing services they may need.

Sometimes clients don’t have the time or resources to provide the text content we need for their web based promotional platforms. We can write for you. On larger writing projects we meet with our customers to determine scope, content and get the technical information needed to produce the pages or articles. All content is proofed by the client prior to publication.

With smaller projects content is created utilizing either conventional research methods or creation of new content with information provided by our clients through email or telephone conversations. As with the large projects all content is proofed by the client prior to publication.


Promotional Writing

At Graphix Unlimited, we are creative people. We take the time to get to know you, your business, and your market so we can best serve your interests with the products and services we provide.

Our creativity is not limited to the visual goods we produce. Our staff provide promotional writing services ranging from company logos, mission statements, sell sheets and company bios. Each document is crafted to present you and your company in the best light as possible, yet still convey useful information and content.

Writing is an art, especially for promotional material. There has to be a delicate balance between the flow and information; not too wordy, yet enough content to keep the reader informed. We have written content from slogans to complex histories for our clients, always keeping their ideas and information first and foremost so their information is presented with clarity, accuracy and flair.

Talk to us to see what we can write for you.

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