Web Services


According to Statistics Canada Canadian enterprises sold $136 billion in goods and services in 2013 through internet sales. If you don’t have a website, your business is missing out on a large portion of potential revenue.

At Graphix Unlimited we make websites that are custom designed to suit the image you want to present, promote the products and services you provide and give you a web presence that is on or near the first page for web searches.

There are very few limitations to the scope of sites we can build, from complex e-commerce platforms to basic information sites. Our web team works with all the latest code and widgets to create cutting edge dynamic websites to make your company stand out. We research your competition to make sure the image and content we create is accurate and distinct so your message is remembered.

Our designers create balanced, easily navigable pages that are unique to your business or personal site. We use combinations of text, video and still images to make the content stand out and be read/viewed, making sure that the information is informative and entertaining to captivate your viewer. The longer a prospective client is on your site, the greater the chance they will buy from you or use your services.

We build in keywords to each page so your business is close to the top of the page when clients do internet searches and we work with analytics and SEO’s to maximize your net exposure.

If your website is dated, not working the way you think it should or you just don’t have a website, then let us work with you to design and create a site to be proud of.


Social Media

Modern technology has changed the landscape of how businesses market their products and interact with their current and potential clients. In the last 5 years Social Media has had the biggest impact on how we conduct business

At Graphix Unlimited, we understand the importance of social media. We use it on a daily basis, not only for our business, but in our personal lives as well. Social media is immediate and spans the globe, with millions of users. Your business needs to have some exposure on the social media platforms to grow the awareness and to establish a brand recognition.

We create social media advertising campaigns, manage your blogs and update your pages with information so your contacts keep interested in what you and your business is doing on a daily or weekly basis.

Social media exposure goes hand in hand with your web presence. The generations that are under 30 use web searches and social media for over 90% of their information gathering and selecting businesses for their products and services. If you’re not on the social media sites you are missing thousands of potential customers.

For maximum exposure, let Graphix Unlimited handle your social media needs.