Large Format


At Graphix Unlimited we produce banners for businesses, sports teams, schools and anyone who needs to make their message visible in a big way. There are 3 types available;

  1. Economy – Low cost material, no lamination, grommets, short term applications.
  2. Medium Duty – Heavier material, laminated, grommets, intended for 2 to 6 months of usage
  3. Heavy Duty – Premium material, laminated, grommets, over 6 - 12 months of usage

Banners can also be printed on a variety of specialty materials for use in locations where environmental factors and placement would affect the performance of the banner. Contact us for more information.

custom banners


Decals are used by all types of businesses and individuals alike as an effective way to promote their products and their brands. With large format digital printing we produce custom designed or supplied artwork decals in small, medium and large runs to suit your needs.

Decals can be any shape, multi-coloured, graphics, text or a combination of both and are contour cut. They are laminated with premium quality laminate and supplied to you in strip rolls, or can be individually cut if requested (at an additional cost).

decals custom made



Graphix Unlimited produces a wide variety of labels for our clients. We can design and create custom labels specific to your product in the dimensions that you need or we can print from your existing high resolution file.

We use premium quality vinyl and laminate combined with our state if the art large format printer to produce labels that are consistent in colour, density and quality from the first label to the last, regardless of the size of the print run. We pride ourselves on maintaining that quality and consistency even when production runs are months apart.

Special shaped labels are not a problem. Graphix Unlimited uses a digital cutter designed for high volume, capable of cutting intricate shapes accurately, regardless of the number of labels in the production run.

custom labels


Canvas prints are powerful visual products used to decorate an office or home that incorporate height, width and depth variations to fill spaces and accent working or living environments. They are especially effective in telling a pictorial story of a company’s history, an evolution of a product or a progression of their involvement in the community.

We produce custom high quality canvas prints, using premium canvas vinyl and framed for various depths and sizes to best present your image in the space you need it to stand out in. Our printing process will take your image and reproduce it to within 95% of the original colour, or we can enhance your image through our post processing programs to produce a print that is surreal and captivating.

custom canvas print

Window Perf

Do you have a business with no exterior display area but lots of windows? Window Perf is an excellent choice of material to use to promote your business yet still have the light shining in.

Window Perf material prints the same as any other large format vinyl but you have the advantage of light coming in and you being able to see out. It is the perfect solution to promoting your business when you have no wall frontage for a sign or banner. Whatever you would print on a regular sign you can print on a window perf sign, in any size (large format prints use overlapping panels for large area applications).

This material is also used in vehicle applications to go across windows without restricting visibility from within the vehicle and allowing the full use of the exterior area for your logo or company information.

window perf decals

Commemorative Products

Graphix Unlimited designs and creates a wide variety of custom commemorative products using woods, metals, acrylics, vinyl’s and just about any material you can think of. Each design is unique to the company or individual who ordered it and made with the same care and attention to detail that we put into all our products.

We have produced personal recognition products, memorial plaques, 3D special event table pieces, anniversary/birthday montages, foam sculptures, coasters and more.

If you have an idea, we can probably make it a reality.

routered signs