Creative Services

Illustration Skills

Our graphic designers are very talented people indeed. They can draw illustrations and artwork ranging from Rat Fink Tricked-Out Racers to intricate detailed cornucopias without missing a beat. They understand the power of an image and the use of colour and shading to bring out the very best in your logo and design.

From the initial sketch to final computer rendering our designers skill is second to none. We strive to create with you that look and feel you have envisioned. We work with multiple materials and combinations of materials that are artistically combined for stunning presentations.

Every illustration is a collaborative process between the designers through all the stages of the artwork. Whether it’s a caricature drawing, font selection or a texture choice the design is discussed and adjusted many times until the end result is what you want.



Our staff photographers bring another creative aspect to our company. We can capture your personality in an image, make your products stand out from your competitors and can make your website pages dazzle.

We take the time to understand the people and the products we photograph. We know the best lighting and staging to make them look their best. With over 40 years of behind the camera experience at your disposal, we provide a valuable resource that other creative companies can’t match.

The images that we produce can be used in a variety of presentations from digital galleries to hard print brochures and presentation material. We also provide you with the complete photo shoot as high res TIFF files so you can use the images in other promotional media.

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Graphix Unlimited has its own production facility where the majority of the physical product is produced. We have a distinct advantage over our competitors as we use only the best materials for everything we make and have much tighter quality control standards.

Our technicians have been in the graphics industry for over 30 years and have a knowledge base that covers vinyl’s, print media, substrate materials, applications and installations. By producing in house we can schedule our workload without fear of being bumped by a rush job or being delayed waiting for materials.