Tap2Drain Plumbing

Tap2Drain Plumbing

Why they came.

Tap 2 Drain came to us looking to increase their visibility and business revenue. They expressed a desire to move away from commercial and contractor plumbing jobs and focus more on residential work. Their existing logo and branding was ineffective and needed an overhaul. We happily stepped to the plate!

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What we did.

We researched the plumbing industry in the area that Tap 2 Drain wanted to concentrate their business in and also looked at their competition in the industry, specifically in the area where they wanted to operate.

As a result of our research we created a new high visibility logo and support print materials including business cards, presentation folders, estimate sheets and a customer care plan, structured an online marketing strategy, built a new website, wrapped their company vehicles with the new logo and set up a low level localized marketing campaign that included door hangers and social media advertising.

Where we're at.

Tap 2 Drain has successfully transitioned their business from commercial and contracting to total retail / service and have seen a marked increase in their revenues. They credit their growth in business and revenue directly to the re-branding and on line marketing that Graphix Unlimited created for them. Graphix Unlimited currently administers their online marketing and designs all of their promotional print materials.

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