Major Welding

Major Welding

Why they came.

Major Welding was a sole proprietor with a mobile welding truck when he first contacted Graphix Unlimited back in 2012. He had a vision to become one of the premier mobile pressure certified welding companies in Western Canada.

Major Welding specializes in pipeline and pressurized system welding. They wanted to establish themselves as a ”go to” company for larger industrial and petroleum based businesses with the intent to expand the number of trucks and also have a fabrication shop to manufacture some of the more intricate components used in pressure systems.


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What we did.

We created a new brand and logo that was bold and simple; a stylized M and W with “Major Welding” in a large broad font. The idea was to make their look more masculine because of the industries they were looking for work in.

Next we researched the mobile welding industry looking specifically at the web presence of potential competitors and how they were presenting themselves. From this we designed and built a custom website utilizing unique design elements for maximum visual impact. At the same time Graphix created a print media package that utilized the new look and logo, designed vehicle wraps for their truck and cars and launched a social media campaign to promote the company, which we manage.


Where we're at.

Major Welding has now captured a much larger percentage of the mobile welding market in British Columbia and Alberta. They attribute the growth in business and revenue directly to the re-branding and the targeted market campaign that we produced and implemented for them

In June of 2014 Major Welding moved into a new location that is four times the size of their old shop. Graphix was contracted to design and build their office interior in addition to designing, building and installing all the 3 dimensional signage and exterior signage.

In December of 2014 they added two new Sprinter trucks to their existing fleet of 6 trucks due to the increased workload. Graphix designed and installed wraps for these two vehicles.

We administer their online marketing, design and produce all their printed media and update their website on a regular basis. Major Welding is well on their way to reaching their goal of being a major player in the mobile welding industry in Western Canada.


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