AllPro Pest Control

AllPro Pest Control

Why they came.

Graphix Unlimited was approached by the owner of AllPro Pest Control in late 2011 to bring up the profile of his business in the Greater Vancouver area. He had recently been asked to sell his business by a large multinational company, but he felt that the offer did not reflect the potential worth of the company.

He was also looking to increase market share as his current marketing and website were not producing the results that he wanted. He was unsure of the direction he needed to go and was looking for a company to develop a complete program for AllPro to reach the goals he wanted.


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What we did.

The first challenge was to create a brand and logo that had high visibility and was easily recognizable by the consumer, and could quickly be read by drivers as they were traveling. The end result was a clean, simple large font logo, in a light green and white on a black background and a light green and black on a white background with a spider graphic worked into the lettering on “Pro”.

Once the logo and brand was set, a new website was designed and launched in conjunction with an online marketing campaign. Special emphasis was given to SEO within the website so the number of hits from potential customers would increase dramatically.

We launched a social media campaign and began to concentrate on the younger generations who shop and search companies predominantly online. This program was maintained and updated by us. We were also asked to take over the design of their print ads (Yellow Pages, newspaper and flyers).

Graphix Unlimited designed, produced and installed all their vehicle graphic kits giving the company vehicles a uniform professional look that they hadn’t previously had. We continued with the image makeover to their office products and overhauled all the print media, producing new layouts and supplying them with a complete printed media package (business cards, presentation folders, stationary, letterhead, sell sheets etc.).

In addition, we built a unique trade show booth utilizing audio visual elements, graphics, 3 dimensional components, pull up banners and tiered display area for a sister company that concentrated on the Metro Vancouver pest control market.


Where we're at.

In late 2013 the company that had originally offered to buy AllPro put in another offer that was six times more than the previous one. This offer was accepted by the owner. With the resulting takeover by the multinational they moved all of their branding and the majority of their marketing to their corporate offices.


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